Friday, December 18, 2015



Our new slate of Board Members were unanimously voted into office!!!
They are:

President :         Sherre MacClellan
Vice President: Brandy Borden
Secretary:         Bonny Collins
Treasurer:         Shannon Silver

Other filled positions are:

Charity:            Eileen DiPietro, Natalie Syracuse,  and Helen Foster
Program:          Carolyn Braun

Welcome aboard!!!

Meeting Location... 

Over the past few meetings there has been much discussion about our current meeting location... in the Arts Council Building in Ocean Grove. Major concerns have been the monthly fee of $25, lack of air-conditioning in hot summer months, parking issues during certain times of the year, and no availability for sew-ins.

Natalie did a stellar job of working with the VFW to gain a FREE space, but the street side parking and meters made this a less desirable location.

Sherre secured permission for the guild to meet at her church... Colts Neck Reformed Church (by Delicious Orchards) which has plenty of free parking, a large space for us to spread our sewing out, and is climate controlled.

After a bit more discussion the guild members present at the last meeting voted on and passed a motion to keep our monthly meetings in Ocean Grove... and hold our sew-ins in Colts Neck.

An advantage of remaining connected to the Arts Center is its focus on the ARTS, the potential for quilt shows to be held there, and the beneficial outreach in connection with the town—such as “quilt-ins” on the boardwalk to help publicize our existence.

2016 Queen Bees...

Keep your eyes peeled on your email inbox. A requests for monthly Queen Bees will  be arriving soon. Maybe you would like to choose your birthday month? Don't be shy!! If you aren't interested in making a quilt for yourself... think about being a Queen Bee and donating it to charity. 


A HUGE, heartfelt THANK YOU to all the out-going board members. We wouldn't be a guild at all without your 'vision' and hard work. You gathered us together, found a space, and frankly 'made it happen'! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Wishing you all a wonderful Holiday Season... and a FABULOUS and CREATIVE 

Monday, December 14, 2015

Busy Meeting Coming Up!!

Monthly Meeting...

It's the time of year we are all running around putting the final touches on the Holiday Season... but don't forget to leave Wednesday free to attend the monthly guild meeting.


This meeting will also serve as a Holiday Party! Woo! Hoo! If you haven't signed up to bring a goodie... it's not too late! Here's the FORM. Yum!!! And if you want to know what others are bringing... you can check out the responses on this SPREADSHEET.

Whiskey Cake, Fudge, Veggies, Cookies, Crab Dip are just a few of the expect and delicious treats. Please remember to bring a beverage.


Please bring a WRAPPED pincushion to participate in a game of swap! How fun is that???

New Officers...

It is also the time of year to vote for officers for the upcoming year. As mentioned last month, our By-Laws clearly state no officer can remain on the board for more than 2 terms. A slate of new officers was approved last meeting... and now needs to be voted on to be official.

Here are the self-nominated members for our 2016 Executive Board:

President:  Sherre MacClellan
Vice Pres:  Brandy Borden
Treasurer:  Shannon Silver
Secretary:  Bonny Collins
Charity Committee Co-chairs: Eileen DiPietro + Natalie Syracuse
Program/Project Committee Chair:  Carolyn Braun


We also have been discussing moving the meetings and sew-ins to a new venue. No matter what decision is made... increased expenses will be incurred. Therefore, dues will have to increase. No final decision had been made at the last meeting... so, please bring a check to be filled out at the meeting.

See You Wednesday!