Friday, October 12, 2012

A great beginning!

We had a very successful first meeting.  Thanks to everyone who came and made it so!  

The best parts of the meeting were introductions, where we found out how everyone came to be a quilter, 

L to R: Shannon, Cindy, Bonnie, Carolyn + Rose

L to R: Rachel, Jackie, Gloria, Michelle +
behind the camera - Diane

and Show + Tell, when we got to ooh and aah over the beautiful quilts members had made!

Jackie's Christmas present to her British husband;
the London Railroad system is printed on back 

Halloween quilt by Jackie

For her daughter - Shannon's improvisational quilt
(she rarely uses a pattern!)

This is Bonnie's grandmother's house
(sorry the pic does not do the intricate work justice!)

Congratulations to Rose on her very first quilt top

Carolyn's first solids only quilt

Diane's bullseye

and a very special wedding present by Rachel

Sorry Michelle and Gloria, the pictures of the shoulder bag 
made by your friend, Sonji Hunt, did not turn out!

We also discussed the following:

Web Presence
This blog will be used to announce upcoming meetings and events.  For more detailed information members will use BigTent where anyone can begin a discussion on any topic they like or join in previously started ones.  Members will be receiving an email to join the site.  Please accept the invitation and feel free to share your ideas on any subject!

If anyone is going to QuiltCon we would like to participate in the Modern Quilt Guild Block Swap.  

Vision Statement
My goals for starting the guild were simple: to meet like-minded quilters, have fun and give back to the community.  I invite everyone to help create the unique vision statement for our guild.

A first draft of our guild's Bylaws will be found on BigTent.  It describes the roles of the guild's president, vice-pres, secretary, treasurer, swap captain and other potential committee positions.  Please look them over and self-nominate for any position you would like to help out in.  

We all agreed to a yearly membership fee of $50 to help defray costs to purchase materials for charity quilts and pay for speakers.  Dues will start being collected in January 2013; afterwards new members' dues will be paid at the third meeting attended.

We would like to get together once a month to work on personal projects and/or charity quilts; preferably Friday night or Saturday afternoon.  

Up Coming Meetings
In lieu of a regular meeting in December we will have a potluck dinner and instead of a fabric swap it will be a cookie swap!  Of course there will still be Show + Tell.

Our First Fabric Swap
We each exchanged two fat quarters to make one or two pot holders to swap at our November meeting.  The rules are - there are no rules!  For those of you not at the meeting you can still join in the pot holder swap by making one or two from your own fabric stash.  

It was wonderful meeting you all in person and I look forward to many more fun and memorable times together!

See you November 14th!