Monday, February 25, 2013

February Recap

In spite of nasty wintry weather we had another wonderful meeting - most of it spent oohing and ahhing over our handiwork. And thanks to Carolyn here are pictures along with thoughtful commentary!


Michelle did this amazing quilt, the colors transfer
to the little squares as they move across. It reminds me of film.
Michelle made these amazing courthouse
step blocks with little strips of fabric.
Natalie made this cute bag for her sister. Great prints and colors!
Natalie showing off her Thanksgiving dress she made.
Loved those cap sleeves!
Amazing picture quilt of Diana Ross made by Gloria!
Done with applique and stitching
Rose showing off her Starburst Quilt from the Happy
Quilting QAL
.  Her first real quilt following a pattern.
Cindy had so much fun making the Scrappy Trip Along blocks that
she made a small quilt of it. She even quilted it herself, yay!
(She's hiding again!)
Carolyn showing off her Spinning Stars quilt, made with paper
 pieced blocks, for Project Quilting 
Circle Meets Square in Square quilt, another made for
Project Quilting by Carolyn.
Back of Circle Meets Square in Square quilt by Carolyn.
Front of the charity quilt for QuiltCon. We were sent blocks to makea
quilt for the Austin's Children Shelter. Rose and Carolyn made extra blocks
 to add to the ones that were sent. Diane came out with a great layout!
Diane did an amazing job quilting the
QuiltCon charity quilt.
Back of the charity quilt being sent to QuiltCon. Shannon, Bonnie
and Diane did an awesome job, the back could be a quilt in itself!

Sew In, Saturday 3/2/13:

We'll be working on our Scrappy Trip Along charity quilt at our Sew In.  Here are some of the blocks we have made - that's Zelda, my kitty, being nosey!

Kat made ten beautiful squares - thanks so much!  We also wish Kat well as she recuperates from surgery!

Please bring your sewing machine and any fabric you can donate for the back of the quilt or to make more blocks.  I'll be bringing the batting. We'll be using a Quilt as You Go method to finish the quilt. So if you're interested in this technique I hope you'll join us.  

For March Meeting:

We have another quilt planned.  This time it will be a rainbow quilt made up of monochromatic Wonky Log Cabin blocks like this:

This fabulous quilt was made by Elaine Lane and we'll be using her tutorial to make our wonky blocks.  

Make a monochromatic scrappy block in any color you like and finish it as an 8 1/2 inch square.  I know that I'm inspired to start sorting my scraps!  


The Quilt Fest of New Jersey takes place in Somerset this Thursday thru Sunday, Feb 28 thru March 3.  Cindy, Bonnie and I are car pooling to the conference on Friday and there's room for one more person.  Email Cindy if you would like to join us.


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