Tuesday, July 16, 2013

July Queen Bee Block - Diane

Hi all!  This month's Queen Bee is Diane.  She has come up with a great idea for a block.  She has asked for a Firework block.  (Perfect for July!)  The block is an offset asterisk on a black background using a bright color for the firework.

Here she is modeling her blocks that she made.  (Sorry for the dark photo!)
Use one square of black fabric or black on clack tonal fabric, any size up to 10 inches square.

For the asterisk use strips of fabric, which can be 3/4" to 1.5" in width.  Just use the same width for the entire block.  Use bright colors - solids or patterns.

The tutorials show the block with perfectly cut diagonals - make your cuts as wonky as you like or trim the finished block so the center is askew.  This way the look more like fireworks!

Here is the link to a tutorial on the asterisk block that Diane shared with us.
This link has a tip for keeping the diagonal strips aligned when using wider strips.
And just for fun, one more tutorial.

Here is the first block I made for Diane so everyone can see an up close look at the offset asterisk.  (I forgot to get an up close photo at the meeting of Diane's, sorry. )

Have fun making fireworks!! 

Queen Bee months:
  • July/Aug - Diane
  • Aug/Sept -  Carolyn
  • Sept/Oct  - Rose
  • Oct/Nov - Kathleen
  • Nov/Dec - Bonnie
  • Dec/Jan - Gloria
  • Jan/Feb -Natalie
  • Feb/Mar -  Michelle 
  • Mar/Apr - Mary
  • Apr/May - Jackie

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