Monday, October 12, 2015

We have a PINTEREST board!!!


JSMQG officially has it's very own PINTEREST (pronounced Pin-trest... NOT Pin-Interest, or Pin-Ter-Est) account and is now under construction!!! How exciting!!! HOWEVER... you MUST BE a JSMQG member to view it. All boards, except ONE, Member Showcase is in the process of being set as a private board. In the next day or two you must be invited to join in order to view our boards and pins. Although this must seem to be a strange decision, let's explain why.

For those of you with Pinterest accounts already, you certainly understand the amount of time it takes to weed through all the information and cull only what is important. Pinterest is a public platform. JSMQG is a dues paying organization. It's not that we want to be 'unsociable'... we just would rather consider all this dedicated work as one of the many benefits of your membership.

So far only a few boards have been created, but as time marches on it will be a super source of information. Boards on specific designers, techniques, and tutorials as well as stunning and innovative quilts are already available for you to drool over and pin to your own boards. Future boards on member blogs, Local MQG activities and the mothership, The Modern Quilt Guild will be made to keep you totally informed of what's going on in the wonderful world of modern quilting.

ONE public board is marked 'MEMBER SHOWCASE'. The intent of this board is for members of JSMQG to pin their latest creations and projects. We want the world to see how wonderfully creative and talented we all are :-)

If you don't have a Pinterest account, I bet the above few paragraphs were 'greek' to you. The Modern Quilt Movement is fueled by the Internet and a computer presence, so why not jump on the bandwagon and open an account??? In a nutshell... think of Pinterest as a huge wall in your home covered in bulletin boards. Each board is labeled with a category, like 'Quilting', or 'Recipes to Try'. When you see something in a magazine you like, you cut it out and pin it on the board...  Except in Pinterest instead of magazines you find the information on the Internet... and instead of tearing out a page, you simply click a button and choose which virtual board you want to place it on. All you need to join is an email address. Go to today!!

Quilt show this weekend...

South Shore Stitchers in Tuckahoe is holding their 30th Anniversary Bi-Annual Quilt Show this weekend, October 16, 17, &18. Located at Upper Township Community Center  - 1790 Rt50 - Tuckahoe, NJ. Admission $7. Lots of Vendors... and take a look at their Raffle Quilt!!!


Look what Bonny has been up to!!! Working really hard her Patchwork City Blocks...

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