Sunday, August 25, 2013

August Queen Bee Block - Carolyn

Hi All!  Dropping in to share the project that Carolyn chose for her Queen Bee block this month.  She chose a hexagon block.  Fear not, you don't have to make it in triangles or anything fancy.

At the meeting she handed out a template to each member and a small bag of fabrics to jump start the color choosing process for each member. If you were not there and are participating we will share the info of the block.

Each hexagon has a monochromatic color scheme, but can have other colors in it as long as the block reads one color.

The first block by Carolyn reads pink, but has green, yellow, brown, and blue in it.

 This block reads more along the lines of green, but includes blue.
The block Rose completed is clearly blue, but includes touches of yellow, green, and orange.  Even a fish is included.  

The measuremenets of the hexagon are 14.5" flat side to flat side, 16.5" point to point across, and 8.5" along the side.

If you are participating and would prefer to wait until the next meeting to get a template and some fabrics to catch up that is ok, Carolyn will bring a few extras with her.

If you are not on the list and are participating, please email Carolyn ( or Diane (

Queen Bee months:
  • July/Aug - Diane
  • Aug/Sept -  Carolyn
  • Sept/Oct  - Rose
  • Oct/Nov - Kathleen
  • Nov/Dec - Bonnie
  • Dec/Jan - Gloria
  • Jan/Feb -Natalie
  • Feb/Mar -  Michelle 
  • Mar/Apr - Mary
  • Apr/May - Jackie
  • May/June - Eileen

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