Tuesday, September 10, 2013

August Meeting Re-cap

Hello All!  Stopping in to give the recap on out August meeting.  We had some new members stop in this month and we were very excited to see them. (Hi Terry and Pat!)

We were so happy to announce this month that were are officially part of the Modern Quilt Guild.  Diane signed up our guild this past month and if you have paid your $25 dues then you should have recieved an email with information about setting up your MQG account.  There are some great chats and fourms on the Mama guild site.  If you have any questions about navigating please feel free to email Carolyn (cdanielabee@gmail.com) or Diane (jerseyshoremqg@gmail.com).

New news not from the meeting - I signed our 12 paid members for the Riley Blake fabric challenge.  Riley Blake is sponsoring a fabric challenge and sending each participating member of the guild a fat eighth bundle of fabrics to create a quilted item with.  More info here.

We are no longer doing the sew-ins on Saturdays because it seemed to interfere with many of our member's schedules.  We did, however, decide that when the fabric challenge was announced that we would pick an additional Wednesday of a month before the challenge needs to be done for our members to come together at our meeting space and work on our projects and bounce ideas off each other.  We can bring machines and whatever we like.

Show and Tell :)

Bonnie showed of her gorgeous string quilt that she created.  It is so colorful!

Michelle has been working on these hand appliqued blocks for months!  She is using silk thread to applique and her stitches are so tiny!  They are all so beautiful!

 Kat made these two huge quilts.  Seriously, she is the queen of king size quilts!  They are so pretty!

This courthouse step quilt is so pretty and we all thought the back was another quilt, but nope it is just how the fabric is.  (She had us all fooled)

 Natalie shared with us her new storage for her fabric on comic book boards.

And then she shared her quilt that she has been working on.  She is quilting it now!  Can't wait to see how far it has come next month.  She decided to straight line quilt it echoing some of the seam lines. 

And one more... hexies!!  Who doesn't love a good hexi project?  Her hexi project caused Eileen and Carolyn to pull theirs out and share, too.

Pat, a new visiting member brought her beautiful quilt that she is working on hand quilting.  Here stitches are so small and even, something I strive to do with my hand work.  

Rose showed off her square quilt block (tutorial she found on Moda Bake Shop).  Looks so pretty, great choice of colors and fabrics!

Eileen shared her mariner's compass quilt.  The quilting on this is so pretty, too!

Carolyn shared one memory quilt she made for a friend.  She made 4 total, each with different designs.

She also shared a baby quilt that she created with an applique name on it.

Everyone also brought back their firework blocks for Diane.  It was great to see how we all used different fabrics to make her blocks!

And Carolyn shared her Queen Bee block.

Queen Bee months:
  • July/Aug - Diane
  • Aug/Sept -  Carolyn
  • Sept/Oct  - Rose
  • Oct/Nov - Kathleen
  • Nov/Dec - Bonnie
  • Dec/Jan - Gloria
  • Jan/Feb -Natalie
  • Feb/Mar -  Michelle 
  • Mar/Apr - Mary
  • Apr/May - Jackie
  • May/June - Eileen
  • June/July - Terry (I think)

See everyone on Wednesday, September 11.  

Don't forget to check out the MQG website.  

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