Monday, October 28, 2013

October Queen Bee Block - Kat

Hello All!  I hope that this month is going well for everyone.  Our Queen Bee this month is Kat and she has asked for any block.  Well, not just any block but a 12 inch block using a solid black fabric (I think a kona) that she gave us and then a bright color to accent it.  She gave us an assortment of block instructions at the meeting.  Here is a list of some of them along with instructions for the blocks.

Underground Railroad
Clay's Choice
Crosses and Losses
Best of All
Friendship Star
Hour Glass
Shoo Fly

Here is also a large selection of different quilt blocks from Gen x Quilters.  Just make sure you make the blocks to be 12 inches for Kat.

Here is a link to a ton of other blocks that end up at 12 inches from Free Quilt Patterns.

I am a slacker and haven't made my block yet or I would have posted it.

*Blocks need to be 12 inches
*Black is used in the blocks so they all tie together
*Accent the block with bright colors

Any questions feel free to ask!

If you are participating don't forget to bring any other blocks you might have for past queen bees.

Queen Bee months:
  • July/Aug - Diane
  • Aug/Sept -  Carolyn
  • Sept/Oct  - Rose
  • Oct/Nov - Kathleen
  • Nov/Dec - Bonnie
  • Dec/Jan - Gloria
  • Jan/Feb -Natalie
  • Feb/Mar -  Michelle 
  • Mar/Apr - Mary
  • Apr/May - Jackie
  • May/June - Eileen
  • June/July - Helen
  • July/August - Denise

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