Tuesday, October 8, 2013

September Meeting Re-cap

Hello Ladies!  I am hoping that the month has been going well for everyone so far.  I know I have had the best beginning of October so far.

Last month we had a fun meeting with great attendance.  And the weather even stayed nice and warm just for us.

At the last meeting we talked about the need to upload a photo to the MQG site.  Since then they updated their site to make all members without photos have a MQG logo.  If you uploaded a photo prior to our September meeting you will need to make sure your photo is still there and visible.

On the MQG official site, there have been issues finding groups you belong to easily.  After you join our group you can easily find a link to the group by just clicking on your name or the word profile at the top of the page, when you scroll down you will see a list of groups you belong to.  If you are logged onto the site, here is a link to our group page.

There was a sew in on September 25.  I am sorry I had to miss it, but I hope that those who attended had a good time.

Jackie is now working with Generation-Q magazine and is looking for article ideas.  We chatted about something with sewing on the beach.

So remember our awesome Quiltcon charity quilt?  Well it shrank when Diane washed it!!  Before she shipped it out she pulled off the binding and added some more to it to make sure it made the right size for the donation.  We should remember this for the future, make it on the larger size so we don't have to worry about shrinkage.

A question was asked at the meeting about batting and what everyone uses.  There were a few different choices used by our members.  Helen said she uses Quilters Dream 70/30 blend and it was agreed by some members that they like the blend.  Wool batting seemed to be popular, too.  Michelle has some silk batting that she is going to try sometime and let us know how it is.  Carolyn uses Pellon Natures Touch 100%  cotton but is going to try the 80/20 blend.  We did learn that many of the show quilts use double layers of quilts, too.  It was a great discussion of batting.  If you have any questions you want to ask the group feel free, it is a great place to learn how other do projects.

Helen has graciously asked us to join the CAMACO Quilting Guild on October 16.  She would love for us to share some of our projects, both completed and works in progress.  We can show the group all the different quilts that we work on and show that Modern Quilting is awesome.

The meeting is at the Cape May Police Hall at 7 pm.  732 Broadway Cape May, NJ.  We have also been invited to join Helen at her place early, around 3, for some yummy threats and some Modern chit-chat.  And if anyone wants to stay over our awesome host has some beds available for us.  I have Helen's number if anyone wants it.  We can chat more about it at the meeting.

And don't forget Rose's Queen Bee blocks or blocks for any of our past Queen Bees.  Posts for all the QB's are here on the blog.  

Ok done with (most) of the words.  Now for the fun part...

Show and Share!

Diane did a great demonstration about the 6 minute circle method.  She is using this method to make a memory quilt using pieces of the quilts that she has made.  Love it!!

Carolyn shared this t-shirt pillow that she made for her first ever guest post tutorial.  She made it using the same method she uses to make t-shirt quilts.  She also brought back her All Framed Up on the Jersey Shore quilt that she finished with a free motion squiggle and wave.  Carolyn also brought the start to her DWR challenge quilt.

 Kat, the queen of giant quilts, Brought this beautiful Around the block quilt made with all little houses.  Look, each little house has door knobs made with little buttons sewed on, amazing!

Bonnie brought her pretty fall quilt to share.  I love the leaves scatted across the modern stacked strip quilt.

Cindy brought this super cute clock to share.  Her niece bought it for her to brighten her sewing space.  It is so much fun!  (I will get a picture of you smiling sometime Cindy!!)

Eileen brough with her this super cute tote that she whipped up.  I love quick fun projects like that.  And she brought her pearl bracelet quilt that she made with the QAL on Christa Quilts.  She did fun swirls in the center of each square and a great free motion on the grey background.  It looks awesome!

Brenda, out visitor this month, made this beautiful bow toe quilt that she just had quilted by Helen.  It was so pretty and perfectly modern even with the traditional pattern.  (One of my favorite thins about Modern Quilting).  ANd the back was so pretty, too.

Helen brought a great hexagon quilt that she made for her niece in the colors of the college that she will be attending.  So pretty, I love hexagons.  She also shared a fun camera strap that sh made using a scarf and a couple pieces of leather.  Such a cute way to make a comfortable camera strap.

 Denise brought us a pretty feather quilt that she made for a challenge.  She used all solids, but her quilt has so much movement with how she chose to use the fabrics in the feathers.  And because she had to use all the colors a pieced back was the perfect way to use the colors that weren't her favorite.

She also brought these great two quilts.  The dresden circle quilt is so pretty with the colors she chose and the quilting really adds a lot of texture to the quilt.  And the colors are great how they pop off the black background of the other quilt.  The flowers are really fun.

Carolyn was in love with all of her hexagons!  Thanks ladies!

Hope to see every one at our meeting on October 9.  You will be getting your Riley Blake Challenge fabric.  Yay!!  If you can't make it just let us know and we can drop it in the mail this week.

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