Wednesday, April 23, 2014

April 2014 Queen Bee - Diane

For my quilt I chose the Stacked Squares Quilt  from Moda Bakeshop.

Block:  This is a really quick Courthouse Steps block.  Don't square up or cut up as directed in the above pattern ~ I'll do that.

Pieces: Final block is 18" square.  Please use the same fabric when making the middle or outer ring.

center:   10" square

middle ring:   2 strips  2.5" x 10"
                   2 strips  2.5" x 14"

outer ring:     2 strips  2.5" x 14"
                   2 strips  2.5" x 18"

Iron: all seams open.

Fabrics:  Any combination of solids, patterns, tone on tones, and batiks.  Multi colored patterns are great to use.  The two to three fabrics you choose don't necessarily have to match. 

Colors -  violet (not blue purple)
               aqua (not true blues) 

Please no red, yellow, orange, true blue or blue purple.  If there are small amounts of these colors in a pattern be sure the fabric "reads" as one of the colors to use.  If in doubt, please leave it out.

Thanks ~ I'm really looking forward to putting this quilt together!   

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