Tuesday, April 15, 2014

March 2014 Meeting Recap

Hard to believe that we are already heading  into our April meeting.  I feel like our march meeting was just last week.  But I don't know about you all, I really enjoyed the last few days of super warm spring weather, thought I could totally do without the rain today.

Name tags for the swap that were chosen are due in May.  Diane has the little ball chains if you would like to use them as a hanger.  This tutorial is also great for if you want to create a lanyard to hang it on.  If you are still stumped for patterns for the name tags, here is a Pinterest board of possibilities to help inspire you.

Our Tula Pink Blocks from last month looked great! So far if you are keeping up we have completed 14, 69, 90 (January); 2, 48, 58 (February); and 76, 94, 95 (March).  
Blocks 2, 48, and 58
Last month's queen bee was Michelle.  Her Grecian blocks turned out great!  I love the variation of grays used in the blocks.

Sew and Share

Rose shared a pretty pin cushion she made for Carolyn for her birthday.

Eileen created this great I-pad case with match stick quilting.

 Eileen also shared this great quilt she created.  The back is pieced and so very pretty.

 Michelle shared such beautiful quilts with us this month.  She certainly was busy quilting away!

The colors in this quilt are great, they really pop!  Reminds me of the old Pipe Dream computer game.

Brandy shares the farm quilt that she has been working on.  She did such a great job free motion quilting it!  The back looks as great as the front.

Kat shared with us this great flip flop quilt.  I hope that the matching weather shows up here soon!
She also shared with us this wonderful string quilt.  I love to see how the different members layout their string quilts.

 Bonnie shared with us her convergence quilt (using a pattern by Ricky Tims).  She chose great fabrics for it!  She also shared a pretty tulip mini quilt.  I love the background with the square in square blocks.

 Carolyn shared a project quilting quilt she made from the challenge Across the Universe. She free motion quilted molecules into it. 

When you come into our next meeting, go and check out out quilts hanging up in the main hall of the building.  The one is our monochromatic group quilt and the other two were donated by Diane for our guild.

I hope to see everyone at our next meeting on April 16!

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