Sunday, September 20, 2015

Aardvark & C Closing!!!

It's always so sad to see another independently owned Quilt Store close it's doors. This time however; it's not from lack of customers, but retirement.

In addition to Diane shopping on Thursday... four other guild members took a 'road trip' and nabbed a few 'deals'. Sherre, Bonny, Brandy and Deb all met at 8:30am Saturday morning to begin the voyage north to Morris Plains. It's funny how these things work out. Our original plans were to head down to Pins and Needles in Mullica Hill on Sunday... and attend a wine festival across the street when we were finished shopping. But then someone mentioned FABRIC and SALE in the same sentence and we changed our plans in an instant!

Our timing was a little off... as we arrived before they opened, but as our luck would have it the weekly farmer's market was being held in the parking lot across the street... and LOOK... they have WINE!!! It wasn't even 10:00am and Brandy and Bonny decided it was 5:00 somewhere in the Universe and tasted a sample! Getting side tracked with Key Lime Pie, Pickles in a barrel, and fresh fruits and veggies, we almost missed the doors opening at Aardvark & C!!

Once inside it was utter chaos. Moving around was a bit tight. Florescent signs as big as life were hanging from every inch of ceiling and covered all the doors and windows. Every time you turned around you either bumped into someone, or knocked some knick-knack off a shelf. No worries... all in all it was a party atmosphere.

All fabric was currently selling at a 20% discount. This first week was a 'private' sale as the official announcement hadn't been posted in the newspaper as yet. I was told they assume they will be open up until Thanksgiving... and the discount will increase as the fabric dwindles.

Brandy won by purchasing the most fabric... but Bonny and Sherre weren't too far behind. Only Deb kept her head and purchased some fat quarters to add to her collection of black and white for her Improv quilt.

It was such a beautiful fall day. We topped off our shopping with lunch at Arthur's... and snacking on chocolate on the drive home.

Bonding over shopping, eating, and talking outside of regular guild meetings was so much fun. We hope to offer more 'road trips' in the future and hope you will be able to join us!


  1. Wahoo! sounds like a wonderful way to spend a September Sunday.

    1. Not sure why it linked the post above as Unknown. But it was from me---
      Helen E.

    2. OK! Now I know why---my son was home for the weekend! Should have known!!!

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  2. Serendipity ~ love it!! Thanks for sharing the fun.


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